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video card on motherboard



I have an NEC GT200 with 500MHZ K-6 2 .My PC has its video and sounds cards integrated on to the motherboard. I have just bought a Diamond Stealth III S540 PCI. I have installed it physically and it works but so is the SIS 530 on the motherboard. Then windows 98 wants to install a second monitor. How can I disable the SIS 530? I have tried deleting it from the hardware profile, but windows installs it again. And when I do delete it the Stealth III stops working. What can I do???


I can't give u a definite answer to u'r query. It may or may not be possible to disable your sis 530 onboard. One possible way is to go to u'r BIOs , well simply press delete when the first screen flashes on u'r monitor (The screen with the memory checking) well run through all the options, there should be an option to disable the onboard vga.... "save changes and exit". if u hav never gone into the bios, do not play around with any other options.If there is no such option "exit witout saving", alternatively check your motherboard manual if it is possible to disable the sis530 with a jumper setting on u'r board.in both case it would be handy to hav u'r motherboard manual around if hopefully Nec provided one...


Dec 31, 2007
There should be a place in the BIOS to disable on board video- if not your going to have to search for jumpers to disable it! Have fun. On board video SUCKS!!!

-MP Jesse

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