Video Memory Problem

Sep 24, 2018
There a lot of games on my PC that I haven't played in awhile, including Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and CoD and recently I have been feeling like changing it up and playing those games again. When I would play any of those games before, I could run them at maximum settings and the FPS was always high (for borderlands it was easily in the 100s) but now that I'm going back to these games, the graphics take a HUGE hit (especially CoD) while also running at a much lower FPS. When going into CoD and trying to turn the settings back up to what I would play before, it says that too much of my video memory is being taken up. It has made CoD almost impossible for me to play right now as I have to run the lowest possible settings and still suffer low FPS. I hadn't gone through many problems before because I was only playing League of Legends. I haven't gone through to change anything besides being sure to always download the new drivers when they come out so I have no clue what has happened to change my performance so drastically. The graphics card I'm using is the geforce GTX 1070 xtreme gaming.

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