Question Videos (YT etc.) keep freezing, buffering, lowering quality

Jul 17, 2021
Hi. I've been having this issue with streaming or watching videos (mainly on youtube, vlive, naver tv, but it happens everywhere) for 4-5 months now. It wasn't that bad the first couple of months, but now I can't really watch anything unless I DL it and watch it offline and I had to stop watching live content (naver now). When I check my internet connection, everything seems fine, ping 12-20 ms, down 250-400 Mbps, up 30-40 Mbps. That's more than enough even for streaming in 8K, right? However, videos (let's say on YT, but it happens everywhere) keep freezing, buffering, and automatically lowering the quality from 1080p to 480p, eventually 360p or even lower. It seemed to be the worst in chrome, so I started watching in firefox and opera, but now it's really bad anywhere. Any ideas, please? How can I fix this?

I forgot to mention, the issue sometimes goes away for an hour or two or even half a day. The measured speeds and ping are the same when the issue is and isn't present. So confused, I really can't tell what the problem could be.

Thank you
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