Virtu MVP - no integrated graphics device was found


Jan 5, 2011
Hey everyone! I can't find anyone else having this problem, so I decided to make a post myself.

So, I recently bought an intel i7 2700K (which has an integrated HD3000) and installed it into my motherboard. After I had downloaded alot of drivers etc I decided to try out Virty MVP which my new sabertooth z77 motherboard supports. I downloaded the files, ran the .exe file and then I got this error message that said "Virtu MVP - no integrated graphics device was found" and it shut down.

What have I done wrong? I know Virtu MVP supports sandy bridge processors with HD 3000. Are there any HD 3000 drivers I need to download?

Make sure that the iGPU is enabled in the BIOS (I'm assuming that you're using a discreet GPU). I don't know exactly what it will be for that mobo, but with my P8Z68-V LE, it's under "System Agent Configuration". The setting to enable is "iGPU MultiMonitor"


Apr 29, 2012

I am using a i7 2600k and an asus z77 v pro and was having the same problem as you, what i did to get passed this was to first turn on the igpu which is in system agent configuration in the advance tab, then with the asus support cd i clicked on lucidlogix virtu mvp wizard, once that was set up there was a folder on the desktop called lucid wizard, i opened it up and launched the lucidwizard application. I let it run and a couple of reboots later for install and updates MVP was up and running, hope it helps, i was looking forward to this to see if it would get rid of the awful tearing i see in borderlands and it did :)