vista 64 and a p5n-e with 4gig ram


Jan 28, 2007
Ok so an extra 2 gigs of ram came yesterday. Vista did not like it and i had to install kb929777 which has seemed to solve the problem.

but i'm not sure. what are some good benchmarking programs to really stress this ram?

also i heard someone suggest upping the ram from 800 to 850 and the voltage on it. does anyone have any recommendations on that?
Prime 95, Test 3 will put a good beating on your RAM. Run it for a few hours (Test 1 really heats up the box..) to make sure your temps are stable. Then fire that sucker up and go to bed. It'll log any errors for you.

As far as RAM speed - It depends on your system. Some motherboards don't like being run faster than 800 Mhz on the memory (400x2). Or they'll run at X speed for 2 sticks, but won't drive 4 to the same speeds. So when you upgrade to 4 DIMMS, sometimes you have to turn the memory clock down in order to get a stable computer.

Also, on many boards, upping the Front Side Bus to overclock your CPU also overclocks your memory at the same time. So you'll want to check how fast you're *actually* running. For example, setting your RAM to 800Mhz (400 x 2), and then Overclocking the FSB from 266 to 333 will often force your memory to run upwards of 1000Mhz. Again - Your RAM modules and/or motherboard might not like that. So you'll want to do the math before you overclock. A conservative approach would have you UNDERclock your RAM, then bump up your FSB to get your processor running stable where you want it, check how fast your RAM is actually running once that's done. Then you can adjust your memory from there.

We won't be able to be more specific without the exact details. What motherboard? What processor? What memory? What are your voltage settings? etc etc etc... Screenies, if possible


Nov 14, 2007
Same problem but mine's doesnt start with 4Gb....
I have a ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard and 4x1 Gb DDR2 800 Mhz Dual Channel (Geil).
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
CPU E6300

My computer doesnt start with 4Gb, but start with 2 Gb. I don't now what to do.
I had XP 32bit, and my configuration shows only 3,26 Gb.....

What can I do?

Ram timings and voltages need to be set to the manufacturers specs in the bios.
The bios version also plays a role in wether or not you will be able to run the 4 gigs. 0401 had gave me no problems. I'm on 0608 currently but the memory I used last has gone to a customer, I'll be receiving more in a couple of days to test this bios.

Scotteq, Yo , from the Joizey coast