Voltages on a Q9300, specifically mV's

XI Stormcrow IX

Jun 10, 2009
Hey everyone, I have a Q9300 OC'd to 3.0Ghz. In the BIOS i noticed the following:

Core 0------+0 mV
Core 1------+65mV
Core 2------+0 mV
Core 3------+0 mV

The questions I have concerning this are 1.) Do I need to adjust these any when OC'ing 2.) Why does one core have +65 mV when the other's don't? Is this something like a "primary" or "designated" core? and 3.) Will adjusting these lead to any more stability or performance gain?

I am relatively new to forums, so I pray I don't get flamed! I'm just wanting to learn more about OC'ing. Thanks


Mar 30, 2008
the reason for the +65mv to one of the cores is most likely that the motherboard decided to do this for stability purposes, you may raise the rest if you want, or you can try manually decreasing Core1 back down to +0 if you want, though, if you do decrease it, be sure to run Prime 95 for at least 4 hours afterwards to be sure of stability