Question VPN & SKY Q Box


Feb 20, 2010
Hi All Brought ASUS RT-AX86U modem on line in the last few days and I paid for a VPN service to be installed in to new ASUS modem it working extremely well with the VPN service Surfshark, My problem is 1 device is causing me a problem the SKY Q box does not like the VPN installed on the modem VPN configuring, So my question is there a way of configuring it to allow the Sky Q box to pass through the VPN modem without affecting any other device that works fine. ( Only option I can see is VPN off or on ) I thought if I put a VPN service on to the ASUS modem it will then do the whole home network. Anyone got any ideas.
The skyq thing is plugged into a lan port on the asus ?

I am not sure what feature asus has in the base code. The feature you are looking for is called split tunnel. I know the merlin firmware has this feature and your router is on the supported merlin list. Asus has been migrating a lot of the features from merlin to the base but I just load merlin and never even look at the factory images any more.

Merlin is very stable and they work very closely with asus so it tends to get any bug fixes very quickly.