Want to open computer shop

I don't know what the potential market is in your area but my general advice is for you to rent your space out to someone else in a different business while you use the income to get yourself started as a mobile PC Fixer, working from home until you get established and become know in your town. Most people - especially business customers - will expect you to visit them which will mean staffing your premises while you're out.

Here in the UK, I started out ten years ago working from home and I still do it that way because there isn't enough money to rent premises and to staff them. My costs are low and I make a good living but in the domestic market, I have to look to the day when PCs no longer exist and little pads and tablets take over, which can't be opened up and mended.

Start off small and grow. Good luck whichever way you decide to do it but this is one man's take on the subject.