Want to transfer harddrives


Dec 5, 2010
OK so I have a stock Hp and I want to build a gaming computer from scratch. My hp comes with vista and I was just wondering if I were to switch the harddrive with vista on it to my new computer would it boot up. If you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be awesome


It probably will crash with a BSOD since the new computer would have a different hard drive controller than the old one.

Depends on how you go about it and how the MS support staff you talk to feels that day when you call !!

Legally the OEM version license that is installed to your current system is tied to the MOBO of the system you currently are using and once it stops being used the license expires and you need to repurchase a new license !! -- That being said it is sometimes possible to reinstall to a new system and have it work properly (will usually require a new activation since there were major changes )

What you need to do is install the HDD to the new system (after creating a backup of all important files ) then the first time you start the new system boot from the CD\dvd drive with the recovery disk in the drive -- when it begins the recovery select to REPAIR the current installation (this will have Windows reexamine the system components and install the appropriate drivers for the new components so that the system will boot.) After the Repair installation runs it should boot properly since all of the drivers for the MOBO etc. will have been replaced with the ones for the new MOBO. But the system will also show that it needs to be reactivated (it gives you a few days to do so)

This is where things get a bit IFFY -- since the license technically should not be renewable there are several things that may happen -- Sometimes the auto activation works perfectly fine and the system will activate and you are good to go --- Sometimes the activation will fail (as it technically should) and you will need to use the phone activation process -- you call the number they provide and enter your product key and the computer gives you a response code to enter - again sometimes this will work fine and all is set but sometimes this also fails -- at which point you will need to actually talk to a MS rep and as mentioned they will decide whether to provide you a new working code or make you purchase a new key.

To determine this they will ask you a few questions and depending on how you answer and the mood they are in will decide whether to provide you a key or not --- Technically the only exception they are supposed to allow for bringing an old OEM version to a new system is if the old system has had a hardware failure causing the old system to no longer function and the old system MOBO no longer being available to repair the system (This said the reps are sometimes negotiable and explaining the situation to them will sometimes get them to give you a new code for the new system so being nice and persistent will sometimes work !) -- If the rep you talk to will not provide a new key you can either give up and purchase a new key or hang up and call back and speak to another REP and try again :eek: -- In the end if you give them the correct scenario of why the new system was needed and why you had to assemble the new system instead of just replacing the old part with an exact model and get ahold of a REP that is in a decent mood you can usually get them to provide a working key but it does at times take persistence and the willingness to spend some time on the phone since technically they are being asked to do something they should not be if you are merely trying to reuse an old license instead of buying a new OS but it can usually be accomplished and only costs the time to try ! (worse case you wind up buying a new license to activate the install so no extra work involved than if you purchased the new license before attempting it)