Question Warzone 2 High FPS but noticing slight stutters when fps drops could also be server lag idk


Mar 8, 2016
Every game I get into basically im noticing small stutters or framerate hitches which I can't understand why as I recently just bought a new PC i9 13900k and a 4090 with 6000mhz ddr5 corsair ram MB is z970-f asus strix. I downloaded CapFrameX to check to see if the stuttering was on my end or the latency from the servers as im literally lagging every game it feels like. The trouble is idk what I'm looking at tbh the amount of stuttering is low but shouldn't the smoothness be 100 percent. It's like the same amount every game over 300 seconds. I've tried low settings high all the stutter fixes that are mentioned regularly. If it's not on my end then is anyone else experiencing this on a high-end PC i feel like I'm getting server lag every game also which idk if that is normal on PC on Warzone as ive always played on PS5. I've only had this PC for about a week or 2 so i don't think it can be the parts everything is stock apart from the RAM DOCP which i have tried both profiles 1 and 2 and off and it still occurs. It's a bit lower the stuttering number with Capped fps but i can still feel when the fps drops even when capped. Maybe im just being an idiot and this is a normal amount of frame time stuttering to be getting in any game i don't really understand it. - Unlimited FPS - Capped FPS

Ive tried stability tests for my ram and cpu also and there have been no issues temps are all fine so I really don't think it could be on my end. The only other game ive tested is Tarkov in which i get some frame time stuttering also but both of these games are poorly optimized so it could just be the games. Ive tried reinstalling drivers etc for gpu and doing clean install. I can't seem to find much information about this online, unfortunately. Any help is appreciated.

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