[SOLVED] WD Black Laptop Hard Disk not working


Sep 5, 2015
Hi folks

I have a WD Black Laptop Hard drive which has suddenly failed. Its a Alienware OEM drive hence warranty doesn't applies any more. The device gets detected in Bios, in device manager. I could earlier see all the partitions as well with correct size and free space (My Computer in Windows 7) but could not access any content of the drives. Opening Disk Management is slow like hell. Formatting also gets stuck and doesn't proceeds further. Disk Part in cmd also doesnt load and gets stuck in the very beginning.

In short. The device is connecting but I can not access the content from it. Can some one please guide me a solution to fix it?

Also, the hard drive doesnt make any unusual noise. Its spins smoothly just like a normal drive.
If you can, try and backup your data ASAP to an external drive.

Then try running Crystal Disk and Sea Tools to see what the condition of the drive is (if there are sector errors etc.)


If you really need the data off this drive, consider sending it out for recovery. It already sounds like it has a hardware issue which would need repair before data could be extracted; if it was erased by however far your attempt at formatting it got.