WD Caviar Green 3tb Compatibility Help


Apr 16, 2012

So, I recently bought a WD Caviar Green 3tb drive from eBay. When it arrived it didn't include the PCI controller card that's included with every factory sealed "WD Caviar Green 3tb HDD" and my motherboard "ASRock N68C-S UCC" doesn't support the drive. Anyone know of any PCI controller cards that are compatible.


With most systems, you do not need a pci controller card. I've been in stores, and the drive does not always include a controller card.

I could give the easy answer and point you to any controller card on Newegg. But tell us why the motherboard does not support it. It has SATA II connectors. Because it is a BIOS-based board, you can't boot from a 3 GB drive. But you can initialize it as a GPT drive (if you have Win7 or XP), create a 3 GB partition, and use the whole thing.

So - can you give more detail on why you say the mobo does not support the drive? Maybe we can walk through the issue.