Question Weird CPU behaviour, Please help me.

Sep 29, 2021
I have an AMD 3600 with a stock cooler. This is going to sound really weird, so there is this trend i've been noticing with my CPU Temp. The first day when I play a new game my temps are normal, e.g 73c then after a few days of playing the game my CPU temps go to 80c. It's not just in one game, its been in many. For example theHunter, I was playing the first day or two, perfectly normal temps e.g 73 then the couple days its 80 to 87. Exact same with a game called Ready or Not. First few days 73c then all off a sudden 80c to 85c. Now I know you guys are going to say external factors like ambience, i've made sure ambience is the same, i'm playing the same levels and going in the same areas, so its not like its only hotter in some areas or when more load is happening. My CPU cooler is seated correctly and my PC is clean. No updates for the games happened that may have caused them and also in task manager no other apps were taking a lot of CPU usage expect for the game. Also It's even when i start to play the game, it's not like i have been gaming for hours so the temps have been slowly rising. ofc i could get a new cooler, however how come the first few days my temps are fine? I could be trippin, i have no idea.