weird mouse issue?


Jul 21, 2004
Okay, I'm having yet another weird computer issue.

Just built a new machine a month ago. All is well....except....

When I leave the machine on for awhile (like two days?) occasionally the mouse will just stop responding. At that point it takes a full power-down and reboot, *NOT* just a restart through the windows menu, to make it respond again.

I'm running WinXP Professional, a gig of RAM, MSI 865PE motherboard with 3.2G chip, ATI All-in-Wonder 9600XT video card, Creative soundcard and modem, GE mouse and keyboard. I do, for the moment, have an old monitor hooked up, but I can't imagine the monitor would be the problem.

Does this ring any bells for any of you? Nothing pre-empts it, though coincidentally I've been in Outlook both times it's happened (I've been *very* behind on email the last week or two....). Most recently I believe I was *only* in Outlook, and I think the other time I had both outlook and IE open.

I have not yet done the XP Service Pack 2 download--I've been putting it off till I hear more good/bad/etc about it.

Any info *greatly* appreciated.... :)



Nov 28, 2003
Do you have the origional driver for the mouse or is it a generic driver windows assigned on the install?? If its not the manufacturers driver id recommend looking on the internet for the specific driver for your product and try installing that.

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