Question Weird ntoskrnl.exe BSODs, applications and games crashing ?


Feb 2, 2019
Hey there.

I've been having weird issues with my pc lately. I used to have a really disgusting input lag, that I'm pretty sure is fixed by now. To fix that I reinstalled windows and flashed my BIOS. After that the crashes / bsods started happening.

I've had crashes when both using sofware like After Effects, Premiere, Unreal Engine 5 etc. The crashes and BSODs most commonly appear when im trying to render or doing other pc-heavy stuff like playing games. I can play league of legends without any BSODs but the game itself crashes every 20 minutes or so. Apex Legends and other gpu-heavier games are different I get BSODs after some time or sometimes I cant even start the game (it just crashes on bootup). I noticed that those crashes appear more commonly when im on discord video calling someone or watching videos on my second monitor. Sometimes after the crash I just boot into windows and i get insta BSOD again.

I uploaded a zip file of all BSOD dumps and images of gpu_crashes here. most of the time it's caused by ntoskrnl.exe, but I've had other files as well.

BSOD dump:

Also, before all the crashes, whenever I booted into windows, I had to wait about 10 minutes for programms to actually open. Nothing happened, but after 10 minutes every program that I tried to start opened up + my antivirus before those 10 minutes was disabled at 10 minutes it was enabled again (maybe there isa connection here). I've scanned with malwarebytes + windows antivirus full scan (no viruses).

Here are my specs:

RTX 3080TI MSI Suprim X
Intel i7 12700k
MAG Z690 TOMAHAWK Motherboard
Samsung SSD EVO 970 Pro (where I have my games installed on)
Samsung SSD PRO 980 500GB (OS is installed here)
NZXT Kraken Z73 RGB Watercooling
Seasonic PX-850 Power Supply

Keyboard: Steelseries Apex Pro
Mouse: Logitech G-PRO Superlight Wireless (100% certain its not the wireless mouse since I get the same input Lag with cable).
Display: AOC U34G2G1 100hz Ultrawide (Yes it's an ultrawide but I play most games in 1080p, same issue still occurs when playing in ultrawide resolution).
whats the best way to do that? do i just unplug my gpu? and port the monitor cables into my motherboard=
If you go into device manager, go down to Display Adapter(Nvidia Gpu) and right click on it and disable adapter, it will ask you are you sure, click yes. IOt will go dark for a second or two then return to display. You are now using
whats the best way to do that? do i just unplug my gpu? and port the monitor cables into my motherboard=
You can disable the graphics card in device manager and then put the video cable to your motherboard and restart your pc.