What and How to Chose Cpu that you really need


It's been a long time, we know that there is 2 big procesoor vendor, yep you know it, AMD and Intel. Both have the consumer and marketing target as well as pricing and performance. But did they brand really matters for your PC ? Lets check it out.


First of, what is the thing AMD and Intel ? AMD is a great and good CPU vendor and its quite awesome since their first 32-bit cpu been launched, but it is a single leap for AMD to join the game with Intel that they already manufacturing the chips, even before AMD does. Intel also have many advantage beside their expensive and premium method of marketing that offers you performance as your budget does.

Intel is Better than AMD or Vice-Versa ?

For the whole time, gamers and engineers keep talking about what is the best CPU makers ? Well, the answers is absolutely "none" as you could see both side of AMD and Intel have their own advantage on gaming and everyday commercials or office work. So in fact, there is no best CPU in this world, even it is exist, the newer one will take down the older best cpu.

What Should I Chose ? Intel or AMD ?

To answer this question is quite complicated. First, lets talk about what are you going to do with a computer. For everyday uses only, both vendor have exactly what you need for that. If youre going to take a part of gaming Industries, many people says "Hey, AMD is the best for gaming because their cpu worth it" or maybe "Nope, you should choose intel because it offers the best performance even it has lower frequencies", but no, it's not true at all. Second thing is your budget. When youre going to use Intel or AMD for everyday Uses only, minimum budget of your wallet can get both of these PC part set. As you can see, Intel offer the best performance even its on lower frequencies, weak integrated gpu, smaller memory frequencies in cheap processor, and also more expensive than AMD even its same type/specification of different type of Processor. On AMD Side, we got the same advantage and disadvantage too. When talking about the AMD Processor, you will basically respond with a cheap and powerful CPU, awesome and mildly powerful integrated gpus, higher frequencies and easy-to-overclock, higher memory frequencies and alot of advantages, so on the disadvantages, such as heat of the processor (if someone ever told you that AMD CPU is cooler than Intel, even in the same TDP, its a bullshit) , somewhat more expensive motherboard than intel board, more power consumption and cpu clock doesnt even meant anything better even its alot. So the conclusion is both is considered to buy, when AMD side has a powerful Integrated GPU and its basically Cheaper, and Intel side is the advantage of branded product with premium performance.

Conclusion and Recommendations

After a simple reviews about Intel and AMD, now lets get to Conclusion part.
First of, Intel is a huge, and the biggest Processor company that offers you the best performance on their chip, which lead us to take this processor as your everyday PC and Gaming Rig, and their overall performance is more than we expected.
Then AMD is a Huge and Big company too, though they are not as big as Intel, also offers best performance on your really tight and small budget, and if you spend more you can get more than you just expected from your budget as well. They offers you an integrated chips and simple hardware configuration as you dont need to buy low end or mid end range Discrete GPU to power the graphic performance as well as a better memory bandwidth and higher Clock Frequencies.

So what to chose between the AMD and Intel, here's my recommendation :

AMD is Cheap and really powerful processor and its performance are really worth for tight budget gamer with no time to chose different dedicated gpu, though sometimes if you need Power-up your gpu performance, you need to take your time to see some gpu recommendations. Here's my choice for AMD processors :

1. AMD A8-7850K 4MB L2 Cache


It Cost a bit of budget, but their IGP is worth at all. 3.3 GHz base clock and integrated R7 in this FM2+ Chip is quite overwhelming and if youre on tight budget and wanna make a simple CPU for light gaming, this CPU will help alot. Also this APU is already unlocked so why not try to do something in this APU.

2. AMD Athlon X4 860K 4MB L2 Cache


This new Generation of Athlon processor is a budget processor gaming targeted for mid-low consumer with no igp. The lack of the igp is handled by a high performance and unlocked multiplier which is based on 4GHz Clock

3. FX 8350 8MB L3 Cache


An Enthusiast Level of AMD Processor from descent AMD Processor, Phenom. This AMD Has no igp and its Processor-Only and its Unlocked multiplier gives alot of advantages for any gamer for any reason. it also offer you big perfomance and higher frequencies coming with L3 cache and AM3+ Socket.

But what about Intel ? Well, nothing much to say about their product, as you can see they can offer you great experience and performance even if youre not expecting it. Here's my recommendation for Intel Processor :

1. Intel Pentium G3240 3MB L3 Cache


If you really in tight budget, this is my recommendation from intel chips. Pentium G is a budget processor with 3.1GHz base clock and weak IGP called intel HD Graphics. However, the price isn't very much because its only cost around 65$. Also this processor multiplier is locked, meaning there's no much to do with this processor for overclocking. It supports LGA 1150 Haswell Socket, 53W of TDP and 3MB of L3 Cache which it is not that bad at all

2. Intel Core i3 4350 4MB L3 Cache


Well, this processor is basically more than enough for everyday uses only and this is a huge price/performance as well, altough their price is really pricey, i can still say this processor is worth. Clocked at 3.6GHz with locked multipier and 4MB L3 Cache, LGA 1150 Haswell socket (which its backward compatibility with Pentium G3240), Integrated HD Graphics 4600, it is fair for this Dual Core, and 4 Thread Processor (2C/4T). Rated TDP is 54W meaning the heat is not such a big problem.

3. Intel Core i7 5960x Extreme Edition 20MB L3 Cache


This Enthusiast Processor from intel will take you to a new level of Gaming. A 10 Core with 20 Threads of processor will take more than a torpedo to stop it ! Yes, this is not a budget level processor so never take this processor to your cart. Clocked at 3 GHz and may go up to 3.5 GHz with Unlocked Multiplier and 20MB L3 Cache and rated TPD of 140W.