What are the components damaged by power failure


Oct 16, 2016
I have a PC of i5 6th gen processor, 8gb ram, gtx 750ti, Corsair 450w PSU. My ups stopped working and in my country, there is a lot of power outage and there is also a lot of voltage fluctuations. My PC had power failures about 20 times. It just turned off suddenly and restarted. This happens only when I play games. When I use the internet and other purpose, it works completely fine. But now, even though I keep my PC idle, then turned off and restarted. Is this because the power outage had damaged my PSU or something. Or maybe was there any voltage fluctuations in my house that made this happen. Can anyone also tell me the components that are damaged by power outage other than the harddisk. Thanks in advanced.


Nov 29, 2017
I don't know much about voltage fluctuations, but I do know that a power outage cannot cause physical harm to your computer. The worst a power outage can do is corrupt some windows files, in which case it will automatically repair itself. By the look of it, your build is similar to mine before I upgraded my psu. So I don't think psu wattage is an issue. I can't really answer about the voltage fluctuation though, but i'm pretty sure your psu is built to not allow voltages high enough to damage your components. If it's old, one of your parts may be failing however. This is all I can think of, hope it helps in some way ;)


Jun 24, 2015
Many times , Power failure is handled by your PSU. So if your PSU is strong, no damage occurs. but when your PSU is not healthy enough, then in most cases, your motherboard gets damaged. And because of faulty motherboard, Anything gets damaged.
Power Failure can damage your windows system files. and fails to boot windows.
Frequent power failure can damage your PSU too.

I suggest you to go in Windows Event Log -> On left side go to Custom views -> Administrative Events and check the Errors. if the Event id is 41 and source is Kernal power , then your PSU may be damaged.