Question What could be wrong with my Honor Magicbook 14 ?

Sep 18, 2021
I had a problem that started in mid november, where I realized that my laptop started making like a loud buzzing noise, as if the fan was hitting something, just out of the blue. I instantly closed the laptop and checked the vent which has the fan, but I didn't see anything. I have tried cleaning the fan numerous times with bottled air, but I cannot open the laptop to deep clean it due to the screws being insanely tight. I stopped using my laptop for a few weeks and yesterday when I returned to use my laptop, it didn't do the fan thing. Compared to the day I stopped using this laptop for a while, where every boot would cause it to make the noise.

I thought my laptop was fixed and it just needed to cool off for a while, but today when I opened my laptop, it did it again. It happened when i booted my laptop, and it connected to wifi and opened every app on startup, but when I opened it a 2nd time, disconnected from wifi and closed every startup app, it didn't do it. I don't know if this could tie into what is wrong with my laptop? just something I found weird. Sorry if this is a little bit incohesive, but I really need some advice on what to do with my laptop, since I need it for college.