What do you think of my PSU?


Jan 16, 2012
wow, it's that great? it was the cheapest thing in the shop I bought it, like 2 or 3 times cheaper than an OCZ

and what exactly is a "rail"? i saw it in that sticky and on the wiky but I didn't quite understand

Didn't say it was great
It's a modern FSP build, so probably decent enough
With 432 watts of power to the 12v it's pretty powerful, not quite w 620 watt psu though
Gigabyte has a tendency to use "peak" instead of "continous" power when rating some of thier unit's
Might have exaggerated a bit about 2 systems running on it, but it's way more power than you need
Was more annoyance at the "first post ever on Tom's" single 12v rail comment than straight thinking
Go here, will explain 12v rails and more