What graphics card


Mar 12, 2012
I cannot decide between two cards. I am not a hardcore gamer I'm a video editor but I would like a card with some get up and go. I was going to get the 7870 but it seems a little overkill for what I would do. So I looked at the 6870 science there still good cardsbut they look to be getting weeded out. The 7770 seems to weak and pointless. I also wanted the xfx black edition card for the case badge... So what would you do.


Mar 11, 2012
Okay, so you are a video editor but you also want to play games, am i right?
6850 or the 6870 are great choices and are at their lowest prices right now and you can get them for <$170. If you do not want radeon cards, then the other great option is the gtx 560 which can be purchased for around $180. These are great cards and can play most games at high settings and comfortably at 1080p. The only game you probably couldnt play would be Battlefield 3 on max settings, other than that, you should be fine.
A 7870 or 7850 would be much too overkill and is not necessary for your needs.
Oddly :)