Question What is least expensive a laptop or desktop

Sep 6, 2022
So I have a dell elite desk 800 g3 with 2 solid state drives and an Intel Core i7 7700 @ 3.60GHz 57 °C
Kaby Lake 14nm processor with 64 gigs of DDR4-3200 (1600 MHz) ram. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 gpu Manufacturer NVIDIA
Model GeForce GT 730 Device ID 10DE-1287 Revision A2 and I believe the CPU also has a built in graphic device but I am not sure and I am not sure if I can use both at the same time or only the GT 730? is there is a way to tell if I am using both the GT730 and the built in one? IF so I would appreciate knowing how to do that. I am using 3 monitors and all 3 work but not well at some times. I know this is not going to work with windows 11 and the graphics are slow at times so I am wondering also what is a good idea to buy a laptop or desktop. I can really upgrade the power supply in this thing without some creative updating to the device and I am thinking maybe its time to update... I would like to have thunderbolt if possible and still use my ram and drives but not sure if its cheaper to go laptop or desktop. I do like the idea of having extra room for updating but also am wondering if laptops now with thunderbolt can be adequate / Can you recommend a build that would be not hugely expensive but also include thunderbolt and multiple pcie lanes and that could use this ram I already have or maybe I need to also update that? I do not do much gaming but do need a good graphics card to run multiple monitors . Thanks for your thoughts!


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You CAN use both at the same time, but you may need to make sure that the iGPU is enabled in the BIOS, and you will need to connect SOME displays, or at least one of them, to the outputs on the GT 730 while the others (Or at least one of them) is plugged into one of the video outputs on the back I/O panel from the motherboard, which is where you must plug in in order to use the integrated graphics (iGPU).

As to recommending a build that isn't expensive, there really isn't such a thing right now because everything is still so ridiculously priced although it is coming down. What kind of budget do you have and what country are you in?
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