What is the best SUV in the world ?

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Jan 16, 2021
Depends what you need it for, mpg, off,-road, mall crawling, kid hauling... Toyota is a safe bet if you're buying used or keeping long term.

If you're just keeping for a few years even a Jeep will last that long...
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Idk what the best is as I never had a chance to own them all, But Im not a huge SUV fan, im more of a pickup truck guy, I bought me a 99 GMC Suburban and its been really good to me, It does have the piston slap that all of them LS1's suffered from on cold starts, and have a rear end noise, which I have a spare rear end for it that I rebuilt ready to go in once the weather gets better.

As for reliability, its probably not the best, seen many of these have rear end issues, even transferase issues, but 3 feet of snow, the thing just plows threw it like its nothing on 4x4 low with a front locker, rear locker the clutches are worn, and now we are getting a ton of snow snow again so be fun trip to work again lol.

My mother has a the 2011 Equinox awd, its alright, 2.4 engine, my 687,000 mile 91 Chevy 4.3 truck had more get up a go than that thing, and she made a trip to Ohio when my grandfather was in the hospital, was in winter, she got it stuck, its as bad as a 2wd car, its awd but it only spins 1 tire that has the least resistance, whats the point in awd then? Seen awd better implemented in other vehicles lol.
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Sep 5, 2020
For comfort a lexus rx would be my choice. For off road capability a land cruiser from the 1990s. A friend of mine has a 2018 model. It's ok on some flat grass but take it proper off road! When it's not stuck you can hear bits and bobs being destroyed underneath.
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Deleted member 14196

I would have Jonnathan Ward build me something interesting. His work is AMAZING. I want one of everything they make.

Craftsman Recreates Vintage Trucks for Millionaires, One at a Time | WIRED

Watch his videos on YouTube as well. Love the stuff.
BEHOLD! The ICON Reformer Ford Bumpside F100 4x4 in 4K - YouTube

I love his old Dodge and Ford trucks
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