What is the cheapest gaming PC i can build for playing and Record at 1080p 60fps comfortably

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Chess of confusion

Jul 28, 2017
If anyone wondering my system i using right now is HP SLAB 8200 SSF with a 8GB i7 2600 GTX 1050 ti 1 TB SSD and 2 TB HDD for spare games so it's one them if i'm playing but not recording i can play Skyrim SEE on high if recording Medium

That Tom's review shows it being only about 6.5% faster overall. : P The only place you'll see it be around 10% faster would be when compared to a reference-clocked RX 580, but nearly all graphics cards come clocked a bit higher than reference clocks, and the 590 didn't even have a reference card, so that isn't a particularly relevant comparison. The only way I would consider an RX 590 would be if it were priced within about 10% of an RX 580. Otherwise, I don't see the value for maybe a few FPS here and there.

If you want to run the most demanding games coming out over the next couple years at a comfortable 60 FPS at ultra settings, I suspect that both the RX 580 and 590 might struggle to reliably maintain that frame rate unless settings are lowered at least a little. There are already a few games that need settings lowered to around high to maintain that frame rate on those cards, and games will only get more demanding as time goes on. As that happens, something like a 1070 or 2060 or a similar performing card should provide some headroom to keep performance over that threshold. And when recording games, depending on how they are being recorded, that could potentially also cut into frame rates a bit, which is something else to consider, though again, I don't have exact numbers for that.

I suppose the idea was to find the "cheapest" build that could run games at 1080p60 high or ultra, but I guess the question comes down to how long you want it to comfortably run the newest games like that. It's not possible to say how the games coming out a couple years from now will perform, but it's almost certain that at least some of them will be more demanding than today's games.
Generally I agree, and would go for the best bang for the buck (hence the 580 for my son's system).

However, I was suggesting more based on the "get the target performance desired on the smallest budget possible with new parts" goal in mind.

I do agree, though, that the GTX 2060 gives the best performance/price ratio after the RX 580 (I'm a little biased because after rebates, I got my son's RX 580 for $159.99, plus two free games - the prices have gone up a little since, but I *think* the free games offer is still there).

The 2060 is overkill for 1920x1080@60 though.