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What should I choose for gaming 4th Gen Amd Cpu a8-7600 or Core i5-2400.


Aug 20, 2016
I am confused between these two PC's
HP Compaq elite 8200 core i5-2400
Hp elite desk 705 g1 ss.
I know that these both are business PCs but are only one's in my budget.
If you will be using integrated graphics, the A8-7600 will be better.
You buy a APU for the excellent integrated graphics.
But, there are no real good upgrades, particularly for a gamer.
If you install a superior discrete graphics card, you will have thrown away the big advantage of the APU.
Then, you are left with a relatively weak cpu. Most games depend on only a few fast cores.
The possible upgrades are to more cores, but few games will use more than 2-3 cores so 6+ cores are not very helpful.
Bottom line.....
What you get with a APU is what you will live with forever.

If you will be using a discrete graphics card, the 4 full cores of the i5-2400 will be better, and each of those cores is stronger than the A8-7600.

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