What should I upgrade to get better performance when getting a new monitor soon

Jun 25, 2018
I already posted a thread asking if my PC can handle a second monitor with my current specs, I got a variety of answers, some of which told me that I'd get a performance impact. I want good performance, so I can play games on 60 fps on 1 monitor and performing other tasks such as browsing Google chrome, YouTube and being able to have multiple tabs open without feeling any performance lags on neither monitors.
So, what I'm really asking in this thread on top of asking if it can handle a second monitor again is - what component should I upgrade to what component, so that I can run modern games on high settings, while getting 60 fps, like I sort of could with 1 monitor. While performing fairly simple tasks on the second one as described earlier. Below is the old thread, containing my PC specs
Thanks a lot!

Heya, I currently have a pretty old 60hz monitor, so I'm going to buy a new 144hz one either way.
I'm going to use the 144hz one for gaming while using the second one for youtube probably, and I'll also use them both for programming. Can my PC handle those 2 monitors while still getting me good performance in games?
My Specs:
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME Z270-A (LGA1151) Motherboard
i5-7500 cpu
16GB of ram (1203MHz)

Thanks in advance,
- Skythz


Jul 22, 2014
I'm running an i7-3770k@4.2GHz with a GTX980Ti and 16GB RAM with four monitors (3x1080p, 1x1680x1050) and have no performance issues with single-screen gaming. Our GPUs are close to equivalent, and while my CPU is higher range it's also a four generations older, so I think you'll be fine.

Well, it depends on a few things. The short answer is, if you are playing something like BF1 and want have multiple tabs open and youtube playing in back round, then no, your CPU will struggle a little, and you will have stuttering. It's the limitations of a 4c/4t CPU.

Additionally, apart from one or two older or less demanding games you just wont be pushing anywhere near 144hz @1080p. You need a stronger CPU/GPU for that.

For any other task programming, vids or whatever the system is fine, throw in 144hz gaming and not so much.

Don't get me wrong, your CPU is no slouch, and is still a decent gamer, and i have the same GPU, which is a monster for high/ultra settings at 1080p 75hz. So its still a decent gaming system. You'll just find more and more with newer games that it's maxing out.
Oct 7, 2018
depends on the game and graphics settings (i.e. there are games even gtx 1060 won't handle at 60fps at high quality setting)
also i5-7500 may be a limiting factor with 4cores/threads only (again, depending on what title you'd be running) while "multitasking"
otherwise you should be fine

your system is a little stronger.

You've a 4c/8t CPU, that's OC'able too, and a 980ti. the 1060 is close to a GTX980 (non ti).

In this case a CPU upgrade to an I7 7700k given the OP has a Z270 would be decent and give more room to move, get a little extra FPS, and have plenty of host processing resources for multitasking while gaming.

what games will a gtx1060 not run on high at 60fps? There's not s single one I've come across and I play a lot of different ones.
Jun 25, 2018
So, a bunch of you told me I probably won't be able to handle 144hz 1080p gaming at high settings and get 60fps, that answers my old question. What I made this thread for is to know *what to upgrade* specifically in order to get the good performance I'm looking for. Will just upgrading to an i7-7700k solve all of my problems?
Thank you everyone for taking your time to try and help me though!

It will solve a lot of them.

With the 7700k, like I mentioned above, will give you more CPU resources. You will be able to multitask better (4c/8t versus 4c/4t). Higher clockspeeds, which games love. With a stornger GPU you could push excellent FPS at 1080p 144hz. But you would want something like a GTX1080 or above to hit close to 144hz and it wouldn't be in every single game. You would have to dial back settings to reach higher FPS in the odd game.

If you plan only on hitting 60fps in game, then getting a 144hz panel seems like a waste. But the GTX1060 plus a 7700k will last you a year or two at high/ultra at 1080p 60hz, and then upgrade GPU then to hit higher FPS if you want that.

The 7700k will also allow you to stream a little if that something you want to try down the line.


Just to be clear, I play BF1 (DX11) on Ultra/High (max) 1080p 75hz/FPS solid, along with COD WW2, Woflenstein, Project Cars 1/2, DOOM, amongst many. That's with a Ryzen 1600x @ 3.9ghz OC.

I would agree that for 1440p or anything higher, the GTX1060 meets it limit, and yes, you have to drop back settings to maintain 60fps. But for 1080p 60-75hz, it's still solid and will be for a year or two longer.

edit: sorry only just saw your edit. Well ashes is really CPU bound, and hitman is just notorious for massive FPS drops regardless of GPU. But, okay, the odd game (anomaly)where a gtx1060 won't hit solid 60FPS at that res are few and far between.
I would add though, buying a 7700k now, is nearly as expensive as buying an I5 8600 which is 6c/6t.

With the system you have you could sell it, minus your GPU and bu a Coffee lake base system which would get equal if not better gamin performance.