What speed DDR2 should i get?


Nov 16, 2007
I plan on buying a new mobo in the spring, but i need RAM now. My current mobo is 3 yrs old. It specs say that is 800Mhz bus and it supports 667Mhz DDR2. The specs were written before 800Mhz RAM was out. With me going to a new board soon can i install 800Mhz ram in my current mobo? I don't want to spend $150 now just to spend another $150 in the spring for my new mobo.

I want to go with 2x2G PC-6400(800Mhz). That will give me 2 slots left for growing. I want Vista 64 on the new pc in the spring.

My current board will support up to 4G. So, that is ok, i am not sure about the 800Mhz. Will it hurt anything or even run? I see others talking about buying higher speeds and slowing them down to get better timing. Is this similar?