What was the first video game you remember playing?

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Many people my age remember playing games on xbox 360, but my memories are different and mostly even older games.

I first remember playing games on my brothers PC when he first got it around 2009 or so. This had a week Celeron and my parents didn't want us on the internet or something, so we ended up running games from early 2000s on CD.

We had a 1000 games one CDs and other cds, so its not really a single first game.

One was called wild wheels. You drove around rc cars to complete races and missions. I distinctly remember a level where you had to deliver bombs to defusal places in time. I think i remember this since it was so hard.

I also remember a game called speedy eggsbert. It was a puzzle game where you could complete obstacle curses or even design your own. I remember it crashed a lot too, probably a windows vista thing.

I picked up a copy of NFS 2 SE at a thrift store and the fun times i went through to get it working on vista. Not fun. This game made me love the McLaren F1.

I also remember a game called petz. This was on like a wendys kids meal cd. You got to have dogs, play with them, train them, and take care of them. Your whole objective was to win talant shoes.

I remember a game called funkez. You had a city of sorts and you could do many things, but i cant remember any specifics other than monjong tiles. You could customize your little creature and room too. The game had little plastic characters with codes.


Jan 21, 2019
The first one, or at least the most memorable one, has to be Gruntz. I have no idea how I started to play it, but the silly slapstick humor and visuals really captivated me at the time. Later on I played other stuff that was popular in the early 2000s - Heroes of Might and Magic, Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft... Well, I guess Blizzard was pretty much the only gaming company that I knew of at the time.
Jan 9, 2020
When I was super young, the first game my parents got me was the original Spyro the Dragon for PlayStation. Spent many endless hours on it, mainly chasing those egg thieves around. Playing the remaster felt like I had come home after being away for so long :')
Jan 17, 2020
I think it was pac man on Atariim the 80's.
First pc game i think ws Captain Comic and that was on our neigbouhrs 4000$ computer in the early 90's so no thats probebly like about 8-9000$ in todays money