What's happening in my case?


Apr 22, 2011
this is gonna be an interesting essay by the way
i've fsp saga II 500W with phenom II 955be,hd 5670,2 case fans,1 hdd
the problem is that cpu is shooting to 62 degrees in prime95,just the same as it's max by amd
1 side fan is in front of cpu,1 is at the rear but both are cheap 80mm generic ones which i assume have low airflow,case is also no brand
the cpu cooler and tim are the stock ones
ambients are around 35 degrees here,maybe 62 degrees is a bit high considering high ambient temp also and i have checked that heatsink is installed properly but that messy cpu fan is shooting upto 5700rpm at full load which should be dangerous for the fan's life too,i don't really mind the noise by the way
but the main problem is that psu is also getting hot(by hot i don't mean it's hard to touch) under load,now why is that because i know it can handle that system well..
it's a mid tower case,now generally i'm thinking that maybe hot air from the cpu and poor airflow by cheap fans is causing the psu to suck in that hot air
my question is-if there are other possibilities too for that,what are they?
i've not got enough money solve these problems but let's say these are the options available to me for tim(low to high price):
cooler master htk-002
arctic silver matrix 2.5g
cooler master ice fusion 40g
sunbeam tx-3 extreme 3g
sunbeam tx-4 extreme 3g
cooler master thermal fusion 400
arctic silver 5 3.5g
generally,is 3g enough to cover 3-4 heatsinks of phenom 955be?

these are the coolers available(low to high):
CM tx-3
scythe katana3
CM hyper n520
CM hyper 212+
CM vortex plus
thank you for reading answering so much questions..it will be a great help
First run the computer with the side panel off.
If the temperatures stay the same you need to address the heatsink.
If temperatures drop with the side cover off,you need better case cooling.

One 80mm in and one 80mm out is not a lot of airflow in a case. See if there is a place to mount an additional case fan in the front of the case as an intake fan.
First off, list your case and describe the fan mounts availiable.
Tim and a new heatsink are not going to be cost effective if the case has no airflow.
A new case with 2x120mm fans(front and rear) is more cost effective.


Apr 22, 2011
sorry for delay
yes you guys are right,with open side panel,psu doesn't get that much hot now but cpu temps are still the same
i also tried psu out of the case and it's more cool,but weird that cpu temps are the same with even open case
this case is not on any website as i said it's a cheap case nor a name you will know(i'm from india),fans are also cheap generic,but let me describe:
besides these two fans,there is only one more 80mm fan mount available on side panel in front of gpu
so why cpu temps are not improving??
my gpu is sapphire hd 5670 with 45 idle and 65 heavy load,although the strips in the back of the case which are opened for the ports of gpu and other cards to go out are all opened,something like three or four strips
these are some nice fans available(low to high):
Cooler master 28.89cfm
antec tricool 34.4cfm
will two antecs and one CM be enough?
also the psu is also getting hot only after the cpu is reaching more than 55 degrees..so if there's any way to improve it to 55
or should i go with a new case route...
i don't wanna spend like for new case+new cpu cooler
although are any of those tims capable of taking it to say 57 degrees?



Sep 7, 2010
Hi Vijay... as someone suggested earlier try getting a new case with better airflow... cases with 80mm fans are of old ideology especially in a gaming scenario... get a CM or antec or thermaltake or silverstone depending on your budget... 212+ will be a good cooler if you can add that to the hardware but if you are not planning to OC then perhaps you can try without an after market cooler for now...
1) 35c(95f) is pretty darn uncomfortable. My sympathies.
2) An air cooler starts with 35c air, and goes up from there.
3) Stock coolers are notoriously inefficient. OK for normal use, but hot and noisy under load.
4) A decent aftermarket cooler is needed to do a better job of getting heat off of the cpu chip. But you need to get the heat off of the cooler.
5) A case with 80mm fans is a very poor cooling case. If you can put up with leaving the sides off, and directing a house fan at the innards, then perhaps your case can make do. There is nothing wrong with a cheap case, so long as it has two 120mm intake fans or two 120mm exhaust fans.
6) Your graphics card will contribute to the problem. Most 5670 cards have a cooler that recirculates the hot vga air. That heats up both the cpu and the graphics card. One would look like this:
A better desigh would be a direct exhaust cooler like this:
7) better thermal grease will not be a significant help.

----------------bottom line-------------------
I think you need to get a new case, and a decent aftermarket cooler.


Feb 17, 2011
Aftermarket cooler is a must have for a 955BE. First of all u have to buy heatsink,then maybe u have to change your case.


I need an advice. I have gigabyte gz pc case. 1X12cm in front 1x12cm on the side of the case 1x92mm at the back fan mounts. For now I have bought only one fan, and I've put it in front.
Should I buy another 92mm for an exhaust and 12cm to intake and then try to use two intake 12cm and one 9,2cm exhaust. Would it be enough?

Or should I save money and buy new case later?



Apr 22, 2011
thank you very much guys,but i guess it's a little weird that i tried undervolting (tom's article on undervolting),and wow this is interesting
i'm amazed how big fool either amd is or either me(i'm not),because to ship such a crap cooler with so much overvolted processor could give me a lot of trouble,
instead of 1.375 it's running breeze at 1.175(fully stable),while it's quite hot in india but i'm happy it never gets past to 55 degrees now under p95,i guess undervolting should be more popular to you guys too as none of you suggested me that,but i think i was confused by mixed answers but still most of you are absoloutely right,tims are no use in this scenario,yeah cpu cooler cools much but i gotta get a case when i want to
thank you for helps,tom's is the best website for forums

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