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Okay, so here are my thoughts on Days Gone. I'm sorry it took so long. I had typed one up a few days after my last post but it was saved as a draft and I lost it after a while.
Like I said, the cutscenes started feeling much better towards the end. It's almost like it was handled by 2 different people/teams.
This game really surprised me with its length. I meant that in a good way, actually. It never felt like it overstayed its welcome. Each major segment of the game felt different and unique. It had chapter like sections integrated very well without the game ever telling you that you reached the next chapter or something. Very well done.

I was starting to get sick of the O'Brian missions though where we had to tail helicopters and just generally stealth around and listen to conversations. That got super old by the 2nd time. Luckily it ended after 5-6 times I think.

In terms of story, I hated Sarah's character in the beginning. She was portrayed as a perfect person. I suppose this is because we're seeing things as Deacon imagines it. I just didn't like her in the beginning. I immediately liked Rikki though. She seemed to have good chemistry with him. Boozer was always great IMO. It was only at the very end where I felt things went out of character for him (he didn't jump off the truck, seemingly because he wanted to kill himself). But that was later revealed to have been nothing but just a misdirection (a terrible one IMO lol).

When we decide to go after Sarah; that's the section that I feel changed up the game a lot. I was totally expecting the game to end by then but it pulled something out which was even better. When Deacon meets Sarah, it was truly a wonderful moment. I liked the way they portrayed their relationship from that point on. It felt realistic.

I'm really disappointed by the fact that the hordes were so late in the game. It was easily the best part. I have no idea why they decided to keep it so late. Yes, I know, there are tons of hordes to take care of in the end, but that's exactly the problem for me. It's too close to the end. I'm the type of person who doesn't really care about late game content if I know that it's going to end soon. Maybe I made a mistake not playing more hordes? I dunno. They were fun, no doubt..

I probably took on 3-4 hordes in total.

Did you kill all the hordes? I'm finding it to be quite an adventure with the Massive Hordes mod. I have to farm resources to make throwable weapons more often. It's not as bad as I worried though, quite often I can lose them when they're chasing me, and just kill them in chunks, using my saddlebags to resupply ammo. And even though I am not sleeping this time to travel and do missions in the morning, it's not been that hard playing them at night. At times it's even easier, like when a big horde is roaming near one of the camps I'm about to take out, I can just toss a pipe bomb or grenade in their camp, and the horde swallows them up in seconds.
I only took on 3-4 hordes. They were introduced so late in the game that I just didn't want to do all of them since I knew I was close to the end. For me, they were definitely the toughest and most fun. Incredibly easy to lose all your stamina. I lost many times on the very first horde we try to take down. So much planning, but it all went to waste. I could never make the horde follow me and set off all the traps I had laid. They'd just swarm me from every direction.
just starting up Detroit: Become Human again after quite some time.
i enjoyed the short amount of time put into it my first run.
tried Beyond: Two Souls and didn't enjoy the characters or the gameplay.
you can definitely tell they are both Quantic Dream games though.
i started up the game and out of the first 30mins-1hr i got about 2mins of gameplay through a bunch of very annoying cutscenes.
seemed more like a bad movie with a few button presses here and there.
even started to remind me of some of the bad quick time event based games from years ago.
seeing your comments about it though i may just look for someone to give me a save state for later on and see how much it may actually improve as the game continues.
I've played Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. For some reason, even though Beyond Two Souls is the worst rated of the 3, I seemed to enjoy that one more than the other 2. There were just a few chapters in the game which were really amazing that I still remember.
Oct 13, 2021
Just recently, a friend suggested that I play the game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I had never played it before and didn't even know about the existence of such a shooter. But after a few hours with my friend, I realized that I like the game. I came home, opened the internet and started looking for the game to buy it. It's good that here I could find the game for $ 60, as I didn't have more money. Now, I'm playing as an elite SWAT team and save the world
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Just recently, a friend suggested that I play the game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I had never played it before and didn't even know about the existence of such a shooter. But after a few hours with my friend, I realized that I like the game. I came home, opened the internet and started looking for the game to buy it. It's good that here I could find the game for $ 60, as I didn't have more money. Now, I'm playing as an elite SWAT team and save the world

Also check out Ghost Recon Wildlands, game before BP. Imo is better than BP.
Also check out Ghost Recon Wildlands, game before BP. Imo is better than BP.
Soooo true! Ubi really screwed the pooch turning GR into a fantasy tiered loot game.

Anyway, thought I'd drop in since I haven't posted here a while and mention what's new in my gaming arsenal lately. I just picked up Alan Wake Remastered, and have been enjoying it in between the walkthroughs I do of other games.
I'm only posting the following in this thread because, as far as I know, there's no popular thread just titled "What are you playing lately?" Also because RE USED to be one of my favorite game series.

After avoiding it somewhat, I finally jumped back into RE Village yesterday. I actually made some good progress this time, and beat my first real boss fight. Now it seems I'm right back to being stuck again though. This game IMO is WAY too much about searching for things and solving puzzles. Yeah, I know, it's always been part of RE, but it just seems unbalanced here.

I thought I had gotten somewhere when I found the part to make the 2 winged key a 4 winged key, only to find (via net searching) that the 4 winged gate needs an "unborn" version of the 4 winged key. Are you KIDDING me? No, what I think I need is an un-fuddled version of a horror game, it's like they were drunk when they made this title! :rolleyes:

Hey CAPCOM, this is not the way to make a horror game. It greatly takes away from the flow and immersion when the player is constantly interrupted with these fetch and solve tasks, and it somewhat dumbs it down to the feel of a mere adventure game. It's more the tedious pace than difficulty that makes me reluctant to come back to this game, as almost all sessions playing it end with a lot of dead ends after searching and searching. :(
OK, I feel compelled to jump in and update my opinion of RE Village. I'm sad to say I made the mistake many reviewers do of not playing the whole game and getting to know it better before commenting on it in such an opinionated way.

While I still feel some aspects of the game could have used more quality control and design improvement, such as the hitchy mouse look/aim when dealing with fast moving enemies, the closing off of certain key items if you wait too long, etc. I now see the game design overall is better and more well rounded than I first thought.

The Windmill area, Factory, Redfield segment, and final boss fight, were all done well, and totally unexpected for me. This part of the game really turned it around for me, and was a complete and refreshing change from the long, tedious outdoor village stuff.

It is a very difficult game to play on harder modes though, so I'm not sure I'll get nearly as much replay out of it as I did The Evil Within.
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Tac 25

Jul 25, 2021
favorite online rpg game is Genshin Impact, playing it with a friend from the US. I'm asian, but choose US server.

for fighting game, favorite is Dead or Alive 6.

for japanese anime style game, it's Arcana Heart 3 XTEND.
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Nov 11, 2021
I used to play GTA, I liked it a lot, but I started playing with the third part, it was more good graphics. Then I started playing Assassin, I also really liked it until recently, because of the change in control, I stopped playing it because of the constant learning to retrain new controls. Now I play Dota 2 and quite happy.
played through the Master Chief Collection.
of course i had played through Combat Evolved & 2 many times on PC years ago
but was very cool finally getting to play Reach, Combat Evolved: Anniversary, 2: Anniversary, & 3 all the way through. had previously only done some co-op with friends with XBOX.
ODST was a disappointment. played a couple hours and just uninstalled.
and 4 was crazy as h*ll. didn't expect the story to have evolved the way it did and i had purposely avoided any spoilers for many years now.
the writers didn't do the best job of tying story lines together across some of the games but it was mostly a very cool experience.

currently playing the Platinum Edition of Dying Light.
second or third time i've started a new game since release 6 years ago(hard to believe).
still holds up graphically and gameplay is still very fun.
can't wait for Dying Light 2.

also have started a game in Star Wars: Squadrons.
plenty fun if you like flight combat games and Star Wars.
was free through Prime Games.

if anyone has a Amazon Prime account and hasn't been paying attention to the Prime Games page,
they've been giving some good games away;
currently Dragon Age: Inquisition & Control - Ultimate Edition.
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Feb 4, 2019
Just had a good time in Shadow of the tomb raider, just such a short playthrough.

Good game to play if your waiting for some other next to download.

My team mate is finally starting to perform in F1 2020 on the pc in 4K, never thought I would see the day, it's probably season 7 now in my playthrough and now only are they getting up to speed and scoring points for the team.
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I finally picked up the Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part 1 & 2 DLCs. Since I enjoyed the base game so much that I was compelled to make a video walkthrough for those whom, like me, lack the skill to play it at the elite level with lots of aerial combat and super fast weapon switching, I was really looking forward to these DLCs.

I only just started playing it last night, and so far have not even completed the first mission of Part 1. Right now I'm trying to get through the Slayer Gate. Part of the problem, besides these DLCs being quite a bit more challenging, is it's been a LONG time since I played the base game, and have also been playing more slow paced survival horror games lately.

That said, I've yet to even bind all the weapon keys to how I had them in the base game, due to having uninstalled the game and forgetting how I had them all set. So I've only rebound two weapons so far. After a week or so, I hope to be more proficient at playing it. Hopefully, I can eventually get to the point where I can make a Nightmare walkthrough like before.

At this point though, the game is feeling like quite a handful, even with the fully upgraded weapons, mods, suit buffs and skills you start out with. So far it feels like it packs more action into half the content.
finally finished Dying Light. after all these years i think this is the first time i've actually completed the original campaign. also finished Hellraid, but still have The Following to get to someday.
definitely fun and action packed. have been in a slump lately finding newer games to play but glad i took the time to get back into this.

also still putting a little bit of time into Star Wars - Squadrons every so often.
it a fun game but i really need to take some time one day and get my controls perfectly customized. whether using gamepad or keyboard/mouse i just cannot get the ship orientation and flight maneuvers down perfectly.

this past weekend i started a new game of Prey. Arkane Studios version not the old 2006 version, which is still a cool game anyway.
still as fun as i remember it and still looks awesome 4 years later. i really enjoyed it the first time and hope it will keep me busy with games for the next couple weeks at least.

another game i've tried recently was Code Vein, had a free serial for it through Steam and figured i'd try it.
terrible game; seems more like a bad Japanese PS2 game.


Feb 4, 2019
Red dead redemption 2, cant get enough of it....play a couple of days... then leave it again... then come back again into the single player just to pickup where I left of.

If you get the graphics settings just right for your rig and have nice and stable performance it's like being in heaven but in a game, you know.

I have also reinstalled AC: Origins again, havnt played it since before I upgraded my CPU and NVMe, be great to do it all again with performance increase and ultra settings.
Might finally be rid of the NPC missing texture glitch.

Doing a quick run of Watch dogs 2, only game that has ever given me live kernel event crash, lets see how well my pc goes through an entire playthrough with the least crashes, it's easy to overcome thou, just restart pc and boot up the game again and continue play.

Looking forward to new GTA V PC Online content.


Feb 19, 2018
If I can't buy a disc - install and play without any internet involvement whatsoever I have no interest and will not buy it.

I play far cry 1 and 2 silent hunter 3 and a couple of even older titles and am perfectly happy with them.

I got bored with online gaming many years ago.

I do have Falcon F4 (the one with all the books) but I dont have a joystick anymore - similarly I miss playing mech warrior.

Just picked up Halo Infinite a few days ago, and been playing nothing but it lately. IMO it's a very good game, and while it is a bit tricky getting graphics settings adjusted without problems, after checking out Digital Foundry's optimized graphics settings guide, and discovering some things on my own, I now have it dialed in with higher settings than I thought I'd be able to use, and the performance is very good.

I had a lot of flicker when first applying the settings, and flicker and stutter at end game after finishing the story, but I think I have it figured out now. I discovered the flicker only happens when moving or looking around, so I tried dropping mouse polling rate from 1000 to 500. Upon quitting game and rebooting, I also noticed Windows Defender, after blocking two harmless apps previously, had now quarantined a harmless app. I figured the latter may have caused the stutter as it said it had just scanned 5 times.

I am now back to playing flicker and stutter free. It's a great game IMO, easily the best Halo game I've ever played, and I've played them all. It can be a bit nerve racking at times trying to drive a land vehicle on the very rugged terrain, which leads to MANY impassable terrain features or chasms, but exploring on foot via the Grappleshot makes all the woes go away. Your squad even often manages to catch up on foot if you just stop to deal with stray enemies or scavenge a bit too, so it doesn't have a huge impact on gameplay.

This time I waited until I played all the way through the campaign, and sorted out any graphics and performance issues before weighing in regarding a review, but I feel this game is at least 8.5/10 worthy, and that would be a solid 9/10 were it patched a bit better. The main problems I had, were flickering, cutscenes going black screen, some flicker and stutter at game end after finishing the campaign, and a bit of lag from frame drops when cruising fast through a wetland area in the Ghost. I believe the flicker and black screen in cutscenes was due to the high mouse polling rate I was using, as I noticed the flicker only happened when moving or looking around, and the cutscenes came back from black screen if I just moved the mouse.

Since lowering the polling rate to 500, I've had no flicker. The stutter I had (in just one brief end game session mind you) I believe was caused by Windows Defender having done 5 scans and quarantined a harmless app (Desktop Reminder 2). Even the lag when cruising over that one specific wetland area (near where the Pelican crashes), went away after I dispatched the enemies scattered there. When I went back to that spot after taking out the 3 big guns, the 2-boss fight there was not laggy at all. I'm not saying the game doesn't need patching, clearly it does, but there ARE things you can do to make it play better, and without compromising visuals.

On the spec in my sig, I'm running it at mostly High, with Textures, Terrain, Effects, and Anisotropic Filtering set to Ultra, and Depth of Field set to Med. I also have Async Compute On, in-game Vsync On, and Min and Max FPS both set to 60. I'm also able to set Resolution Scale to 1440p, or as close to it as possible, as the game's slider oddly doesn't allow you to land right on it.

Gameplay wise, this game is very fun to play, very immersive, and at times, very challenging.


If I can't buy a disc - install and play without any internet involvement whatsoever I have no interest and will not buy it.
I used to feel the same way . . but it was REALLY hard to turn down the deals on Steam.

That said, GOG offers both, I believe. An offline installer, as well as using their GOG Galaxy client. I don't have many games with them, and the ones I have are much older games.
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