When to overclock, bottlenecks


Dec 18, 2008
Hi folks,

bit of an OC newbie here, so I apologise in advance.

I currently have an E6600, running on a p5n32sli se, which, as I understand, is appling for overclocking. After trawling various forums I've found that the best option seems to be using the preset oc profiles, as the manual ocing on this board is horrendously unstable.

Anyway, reason why i ask is 've recently upgraded to a gtx260, and was wondering how much my cpu is limiting the gpu, if it all. During gaming sessions at the moment (in LOTRO), both cores are running at about 50% load (this might be the wrong terminology).

What I'm curious about, is does an overclocked processor only come into play when it hits 100%, so if my processor is running at half load, will it run the same, effectively, as an overclocked version doing the same task? Or rather, is it similar to memory, in that there is a speed and a capacity issue?

many thanks in advance



Overclocked processor will run faster doing the same task regardless of if it hits 100% or not.

If your car does 60 mph, you go 60 miles in 1 hour. If you overclocked your car at 80mph, you get there in 45 minutes.