Question Whenever i try a mouse with my pc it doesn´t work anymore, not in just this computer, in others as well

Sep 23, 2020
A week ago my wireless mouse started having problems ( Couldn´t go to the places I wanted to, would be on top of the google icon to open it, but it wouldn´t open, and the mouse icon wouldn't change to select)

My pc is old or anything, i think my mouse might be affected by some kind o virus/malware.

Just in case, I ran windows defender and Malwarebytes, it did have some red flags, fixed that, but the mouse was still failing sometimes.

So I tried my dad´s mouse ( also wireless) and it did work perfectly. But when he tried to use it on his computer now, it didn´t work until he restarted the computer.

Yesterday I tried my mum´s mouse (wireless too) and the same thing happened, she couldn´t use it until she restarted.

But now it got worse, I borrowed my dad´s mouse since we thought it wasn´t a big deal, but twenty minutes ago, while surfing through the internet, the mouse stopped working, I turned it off and then on, and it worked fine again, but just a minute later the same happened again. Until I finally tried unplugging the usb, but when i plugged it back in, the mouse wasn´t moving. I then proceed to try the same mouse with another computer, and the mouse wasn´t moving either. Then proceeded to try my mum´s mouse again. but didn´t work, and now it doesn´t work with other computers as well.

I'm really worried, could someone please help me with this? I know it´s a lot, but I don´t know what else to do, virus and malware scanners say I´m fine and I haven´t found anything helpful on the internet.

Anything would be appreciated

RYZEN 5 3500
RX 5700
16 GB RAM 3000 MHZ
600 W PSU
OS: Windows 10 pro

The three mouses are all from different brands, 2 of them use batteries, one is rechargeable (all use dongles), but they were affected differently. I can use my current mouse but it bugs sometimes and I lose the ability, say, for example, open chrome, or go to another tab. Though I have found I fix for that, whenever this happens, I press control+alt+delete, and then, when I press cancel, the "bug" disappears. But my dad´s mouse was affected much differently today, it works, but the system doesn´t pick up on some clicks.
I can´t check the other mouse right now, but I´ll update when I can.
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Update your post to include full hardware specs and OS information.

Check the mouse dongle: ensure that it is fully and firmly in place.

Your original wireless mouse - did you try new batteries?

Change mouse batteries and reboot.

Also look in Reliability History for any error codes, warnings, or even informational events regarding any mouse.

Make, model, connectivity for all mice? Are you using some keyboard mouse combo set?

Very normal to test mice and keyboards on other known working computers. However, the drivers may or may not be in place. If not, the drivers would need to be installed/reinstalled.