whenever i turn on my computer, it says "entering in sleep mode"


Sep 7, 2014
please help me! I cant use my computer cause whenever I turn it on, it keeps going into sleep mode, and another.. it says " this problem is due to the changes in system". Last month, I brought it to a technician because any keyboard wont work (I mean you need to hold every letter in the keyboard until it appears in the screen). She said that my system is just slow because of so much files, I think she expanded my memory. and now! this is happening!!!!!!!!! help!!
by the way its window 7 and my motherboard is Asus... just ask me if theres an additional info you want to know about my pc


You can try some of the suggestions listed here - http://www.itguyswa.com/how-to-fix-a-computer-that-wont-come-out-of-sleep-mode/
"1) Move you mouse or hit the “spacebar”. If this does not work try each of the following in order.

2) Press the power button in for at least 30 seconds until the PC powers off. Wait 30 seconds and power up again.

3) Switch the PC off at the mains or pull the power cord out and wait at least 3 minutes before powering up.

4) Try another mouse and/or keyboard and repeat step 1.

5) When the PC starts to power up, try and get into the BIOS by holding down the “del”, “Esc” or “F1″ button (the specific button for entering the BIOS differs between PC’s …. check your PC manual if you still have it."

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