Wheres the bios chip?


Sep 6, 2012
I just started my asus mobo am3+ but it didnt post with a red light asus told me to buy a $30 chip cause piledriver wasnt supported and i dont have an older cpu so where can a bios chip be on the m5a99x evo and is it hard to remove it what tools do i need
there few simpler things you can do. if you bought the mb from a local shop or micro center call them and ask them to flash the bios for you. it takes less then 30 sec to do it with a cpu.if you go the mb from new egg call them up and return it for a mb that will or the same mb but with the newer bios already on it. or send the mb into asus under an rma issue they can flash the mb for you. if you removed the cmos chip your going to void the mb warranty. myself i would return the mb for one with the newer bios or one that will boot the newer cpu without any issue.

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