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Question Which cpu should I pick with this setup for gaming (2080 ti, etc.)

Jun 7, 2020
I want to build a pc later this year and I'm not too sure about which cpu to pick.
I'm going to be using this computer for gaming, I'm currently playing at 1080p, but I'm thinking about switching to 1440p or 4k when I get this pc.

The other specs that I'm interested in are:

msi 2080 ti gaming trio x

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 3200 mhz (8x4)

Fractal Design Meshify 2

Samsung 970 EVO Plus m.2 2280, 2TB

Noctua NH-15 Cpu cooler

Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140 mm (x6, the case already has 3, so idk if the motherboard even has space for +6, as far as I can tell, it can only fit 6 in total, so I should buy +3?)

I was thinking about getting the new i9 10900k, but after looking more into it, then I'm not sure if that's the best choice.
At the moment my thoughts are on the i9 10900k, i9 9900k or R9 3900x.
I'm of course open to whatever cpu's you guys will offer, but I am looking for a high end cpu. :)


3900X, or 10900K for that matter are both terrible choices for just gaming. 10600K and 10700K perform almost the same as the 10900K in games, and its definitely not worth the extra few hundred dollars. Similarly, the 3600 and 3700X perform almost the same as the 3900X in games. In both cases, its just adding more cores without improving ipc or clocks by too much. Buying a 12c or 10c part for just gaming over a 6c or 8c is just a waste of money.

If you can find a 10700K in stock, it will perform slightly better and be a hundred dollars or so cheaper than a 9900K, so I wouldn't buy a 9900K either.