Which hard drive should be used for the OS?


Mar 18, 2012
I run Windows 7 64 SP1 (in case that matters),
and I'm a C++ developer, and my project is pretty big - there are thousands (and maybe even tens of) of files in my

project. We use Visual Studio as our IDE and compiler. While I compiling, the compiler does a lot of IO operations.

Usually my computer is useless while I'm compiling.

And to the question:
I have 2 HDs. One I use for the OS and program installations, and the 2nd one for data (all of the project

checkouts, virtual machines, ...).
My 2 HDs slightly differ. They are both 7200 RPM, but one of them has a 16MB cache and one only 8MB. The

documentation says the first one can handle burst of 6MB/s and the 2nd only 3MB/s. All the other parameters are the

Which one should I use for the OS and which one for the data drive?
Performance benchmarks have shown that the HD is a bottleneck in my computer.

And a follow-up: I expect to replace one of the drives in a SSD in the near future. Should the SSD contain the OS,

the data, or both (if possible, volume-wise)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Jan 15, 2012

Definitely! Use the ssd for the os!
If you are doing almost continuous compiling, then the burst speed really doesn't matter, the HDD will be continuously doing reads/writes. I would use the 16MB cache HDD for the OS and the programs because it will start and load programs a little faster then the other HDD. That would leave the 8MB cache HDD for your data. Just a thought.