Which is best please need opinion


Nov 8, 2011
Hi Guys ,

i had an ati radeon hd 5870 crossfire graphics card . and i was thinking of replacing to Geforce gtx 580 1.5gb watercooled card. so guys like to know is it worth to replace card to geforce or not. if there will be diffence in performance please let me know . which performance would be better either stick with 2 gpu crossfire or one gpu Nvidia . please thank i need to know by today so ur answer would be highly appreciated . thank you very much

Bikash kc


Aug 3, 2011
If memory serves me correctly, the 5870 is more powerful than a 6870. Crossfire 6870 beat out a single GTX580. While you might eliminate microstuttering, I believe it'll be a downgrade in terms of maximum performance. I don't see any reason to swap out the cards.
Unless you have really low end video cards , two cards usually give better performance than one. If your intent was to switch to the 580 and later on add another in sli then that would be worth doing because two 580's are a powerful combination and you could play any game on ultra settings and get over 100fps. I was playing BF3 last night with two 580's in sli and the game settings were at ultra and I was over 100fps.