Which Z68 board on $800 budget gaming PC


May 29, 2010
Hey everyone,

So i am trying to put together a build and would just like some help deciding which motherboard i should be using. It seems the Z68 chipset is definitely where you want to be for a budget gaming PC, and i think the budget for the motherboard tops out at around$150 though every dollar saved counts. OC will be done but is not a huge concern, SLI/Xfire is not going to be considered now, and most likely won't in the future but having the option would be nice.

CPU i5-2500k
GPU Radeon HD 6870/6950 or Geforce GTX560ti, this is stil up in the air depending on how cyber monday looks
random 8GB (4gbx2) 1600mhz ram
~550-600W PSU

One of motherboards that seemed appropriate to me was the one suggested by the 100-160 roundup:
however this was also suggested to me and many of the specs seem very similar aside from some of the rear panel ports among other things, and it is also 20 bucks cheaper

Any help distinguishing between these 2 motherboards or maybe selecting a different one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!