Who is your're favorite moderator?


Using the Old Testament as you're guide, list the Forum Moderators as you [strike]see[/strike] judge them in order of preference, Best to [strike]worse[/strike] worthy of Satan. :lol:

1. Myself, Chief Moderator.
2. George Bush
3. 4Ryan6
5. Randomizer
6. H1N1
7. Satan
8. Nancy Polosi



random and JDJ and TGGA.

The rest are unknown to me tho I did once ask Freddi nicely to reinstate AFG ... so they are an understanding bunch at admin level.

I'd recommend badge for moderator after myself of course.

Somebody needs to keep that guy in line ... he is a born activist without a clear cause ... an ideal moderator.

I'd want to be in charge of the soon to be created "Humour Section" in the forums.

Post in the stupidist thread please ...

All flame wars would then be moved to "Humour" therefore diffusing potentially harmful spats in other areas where it isn't needed.

Jeez I am a smart cookie ... lucky I am in charge of 50 teachers eh?



I'm tired of being Chief Moderator. I think I'll be Monsterville. Reyond would make a good moderator because there is no one left that is not already a moderator. Well, that and the fact He knows what this forum needs...a joke/humor section. BTW, I was wrong for subjecting the Mods to a thread that would rate them purely by favoritism. So, please accept my apology and consider the consequenses of any backlash towards me as a result of what you might expect from participation in an extreme contact sport.



JDJ, my apologies for leaving you off the list. And especially for including Randomizer and forgetting you.

JDJ wrote:

I know we do not agree on this 'cause you are adament about SAATann's!! daughter having a great MJ nose. :sol:



CA has it's own demons. Well, share of [strike]Senators[/strike] mental patients holding office is one way to put it. JD take it easy. I only hate these people in real life. :ouch: Make a Palin joke or something, I have been banned from one forum maybe 7/8 times for displaying my cache of political 'tard pics. I thought the pics were worth a thousand words. Must of been somethin' I said. :) IP Shark/Gorilla mail can make it happen.



Short memories around these parts. I'll put a vote in for Jake and of course Cpt' stick legs himself RC_Pilot.

I hope Fredi finds something more to his tastes, his willingness to have some fun with the regulars was always welcome.