Why does my Crucial 64GB SSD shut down my system?


Dec 8, 2012
I am currently on my SECOND SSD in less than 4 months. My first one began to bog down and eventually it began to reboot to the comp from startup and then would flash "Choose boot device and press any key to continue". So, I sent it back to Newegg.com and got another of the same, the site and forums said it was one of the best. I installed the second one and only put the OS and related programs on it. Two weeks later I'm getting the same issue withadded blue screen crashes bak to startup and then the Boot device prompt. I go through this for about ten minutes, give or take, and thenIi start windows normally as if I hadnt shut it down properly and everything is fine.

I have no issues with OS, I've scanned it all. AHCI is enabled. Drivers are up to date. I DO NOT go to any "websites" that I shouldn't. I play GW2 and TF2 and maybe a little bit of BF3. That is it. Nothing has been installed/uninstalled since I put in the second SSD. I have no idea what is going. I even had a tech friend look at it and he has no idea. I need some help. I am hooked on the speed and do not want to settle for having just 2 HDD's.