Question Why does my Graphics card "crash"?

May 27, 2019
I have a problem with my pc fore like 15 months already.
It crashes al the time it doesn't say anything but you just see vertical lines and the last sound you here keeps on repeating.
I already changed my psu, case and ram but that didnt work out.
So this is what i found out recently: if i change my clock speed and fans etc in msi afterburner you hear that the fans go louder but when i go to lol for instance you hear that the fans go down and then after 1 second it crashes with vertical lines etc. So recently i thought i fixed it but now it does the exact same thing again but i had so much games on my pc it even crashes after 20 seconds after i load in to windows 10. so what i think what goes wrong is that my gpu just overclocks itself to max and i cant do anything about it but how do i change it bc i think it is a software problem of the driver or something but if i want to change the driver it also crashes again. so how do i fix this? (btw i bought this pc second hand and then it worked great but when i resetted it things changed...)
Here come my specs:
Intel i5-4440 (3.1ghz)
Msi r9 280 gaming 3g
Asrock h81m-DGS r2.0
Sharkoon tg5
8 gb ddr3-1600
Thermaltake tr2 s 600w
Samsung 850 pro 128 gb
and 1tb seagate barracuda
thx for the time and through
Hope you guys know the problem!
Greets, Yorick


If your previous PSU was the same low quality, or worse, than what you bought, it is quite possible your GPU is bad. You could try booting up in safe mode, and uninstalling AMD software and MSI afterburner. Another option, that you might have to do, is to pull the GPU out, and try running off the integrated graphics, of the i5.
May 27, 2019
the integraded graphics work great no crashes at all so i think i have to replace my gpu but i just want to make sure that my gpu is the problem yk i am not that rich :LOL: btw my old psu was a bronze 430w so yeah XD thx for the help tho