[SOLVED] Why does my PC stutter on media playback?


Feb 20, 2020
Hi, I have a Thinkpad T430 laptop, pretty good machine. It has a 500GB HDD 7200rpm and it works perfectly fine. It's fast and reliable, and I haven't encountered any issues with it in the year I've had this PC (and I bought it used, so who knows how long it has been used before). However, while I don't have issues with it, when playing media (like .mp4 videos on VLC or music on music apps), if I bump the PC a bit, mostly with up and down movement (after all it's a laptop, it does move a fair bit) the media stutter a bit. Now I think the disc is being physically separated from the lens, and that causes the stutters, which is worrying not gonna lie. So I looked into it and it's pretty tight in its compartment. It has some rubber on the sides of the drive, to keep it from moving, and there's no space for it to move around so it's pretty well secured in there. Should I take any precautions or is this normal behaviour?

EDIT: I only noticed these issues with stored media, games have no issue (except emulation), youtube has no issue, it only appears to affect that.
Download CCleaner free version and run the "Registry"cleaner. It will clean up any defective pathways to data which may well help in the access of files on the Laptop. Well worth a try.