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  1. sopno

    Question HDD not showing in disk management but showing in BIOS

    I have a Toshiba hard drive. It is not showing anywhere (e.g., disk management,file explorer). The HDD is shown in the bio. So, I took the Sata cable that was connected to the Toshiba HDD and connected it to another HDD (Seagate Baracuda 1TB). Seagate Baracuda HDD is not shown anywhere except in...
  2. D

    Question Help! 3 Drives show up in Device Manager but only 1 Drive is showing up in Storage and This PC

    Hey all, I've run into a problem that I just can't seem to figure out the solution to. I just finished building my first PC and have three disk drives, 2 SSDs, and 1 HDD. They are all identified and listed in the BIOS. The first Samsung SSD 980 Pro 2TB is perfectly visible and appears in both...
  3. RadioactiverT

    Question Transferring of system files from HDD to SSD

    As my post states, I'm currently installing a new internal SSD to my PC which already has an internal HDD, and I want to know how to transfer certain files Main reason is because I have 1tb HDD and a 480gb SSD So I can't copy everything, since I've used about 600gb or so if my HDD Firstly, I...
  4. S

    Question HELP!!! Harddrive stops working after connecting it to a Smart TV

    So, I gave my hard drive to a friend because they needed the movies on it. When i got it back, i realized it did not work. Plugging it into all my ports plus a usb hub made no difference. It would show the led indicator blink like 5 times, and just stay on. Checking task manager, i saw that...
  5. S

    Question Old HDD was causing PC to stutter, uninstalled, got better, new NVME brought the problem back. What gives?

    Specs: I9-11900k Nvidia 3070ti Corsair CMW32GX4M2D3600C18 2x16GB ASUS Prime H570-Plus WD_BLACK 1TB SN850X NVMe (main gaming drive) Western Digital 250GB WD Blue 3D NAND (dedicated boot drive) Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III (main storage drive) Windows 10 Like the title says. I was...
  6. K

    Question Is my HDD dying ?

    Games started to stutter yesterday so i checked the crystal disk info(seebelow). i am guessing it has to do with the drive..
  7. PhilZockt

    Question Can someone tell me if those Seagate Smart Values are good?

    Hello everyone, I'm considering getting a Seagate HDD (ST4000VN006) and found an offer that also provides smart values, but unfortunately I don't know if they're good. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me if this is the case. HDD 1 HDD 2
  8. otxjavi7

    Question What do i replace to delete admin account?

    Thank to anyone that can give me some insight. My company that i work at recently had a computer malfunction and the hard drive took a crap. long story short, they said their IT dept wont take it back so if i wanted to work on it to fix it i could keep it. after getting the replacement hard...
  9. S

    Question Windows starts freezing after hours of use, then has long black screens on reboot

    Windows 10 starts freezing after hours of use, very laggy/unresponsive which forces me to reboot it. On reboot however, the system has long black screens, runs "windows repair", and takes multiple reboots to finally start working normally again. What are these issues a sign of? Windows is on a...
  10. P

    Question Windows crashes on startup

    Hello, Recently I installed my second M.2 onto my Z370M motherboard, now when I boot into windows I get a BSOD just once with the error message "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and it came back with no errors. This morning as well when I tried to play my first game it just...
  11. Zooppp

    Question Issues with powering on pc after installing a new harddrive

    I bought a new hard drive and cables for it . Once I plugged in the the new hard drive into my pc with the data and power cables I bought, my pc did not want to power on when ever I press the start button the motherboard flashes a red cpu light
  12. S

    Question Are spinning HDD better than Sata SSD for at-home surveillance camera storage?

    Hello all, This is the main storage machine for my at-home wifi security cameras: https://us.eufy.com/products/t80301d1 Its called the HomeBase3 and it supports up to 16TB of "Any 5V 2.5" storage drive (HDD or SSD) with a SATA interface.Note: 12V storage drives are not supported. " 1. I dont...
  13. D

    Question WD black HDD or Seagate Exos HDD

    Okay I’m looking at getting a new HDD to store games on and I’m torn between getting another Exos HDD or getting a WD Black HDD Currently have a Exos HDD for my main storage and a Samsung 970 evo M.2 for OS and frequently used programs Is there any advantages over one or the other? The WD...
  14. Mr Helix

    [SOLVED] Hdd issues

    Hello! I only have Seagate 1TB HDD, so lately I cleaned my pc inside out from dust and it all started after that i guess, So after cleaning and plugging everything back in and my pc first started giving me bluescreens, '' innacessible boot drive'' errors, well after that i went to connect...
  15. ditrate

    Question Is it safe cancelling bad blocks HDD scan.

    Is it safe to cancel a surface scan of a HDD, at the middle (after couple of hours). It's is basically just self reading, or not?
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Can't copy, zip, upload or ffmpeg a video file

    Hiya peeps. So, I record gameplay videos with OBS in .mkv format. And 99.9% of all my recordings have been without problems but in the past week I've had 2 recordings that have had the exact same issue. When I try to copy the .mkv file to the same drive (different folder) or to a different...
  17. M

    Question Hot Swapped Hard Drives in Windows, Now Windows Reports the Drive as RAW

    I have a quick-release hard drive bay in my W10 PC so I can easily swap hard drives. When swapping them out, Windows will never seem to recognize the new replacement hdd. I have to open Computer Management and rescan the drives, then it will show the correct hdd in File Explorer. If I don't...
  18. M

    Question Issue with HDD not being recognised ?

    Hi, So i recently ran into a big problem, where 1 of my 3 drives wasn't being recognised. It happened suddenly. I have 3 outputs from the power supply that can be used for drives., but whenever I try to connect my SEAGATE BARRACUDA ST2000DM008 the PC turns on extremely slow and the harddrive...
  19. K

    Question Seagate 8TB One touch with HUB (USB 3.0 and UCB C) extremely slow write speeds

    updated on: 07/07/2022 I am using a brand new Seagate 8TB One touch with HUB (USB 3.0 and UCB C) with extremely slow write speeds I have observed extremely slow data access write speeds. I am importing and processing image files from 5 MB to about 30 MB. The speeds are very slow unlike my...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Did I break $3000 worth of HDDs?

    I was moving around to talk to my cat (had to make a moment (new kitty)) and my knee smashed into the hard wood desk that contains 13 HDDs (external, stacked). The force was kind of large, I could have hit a kick ball around 20-30 feet. Is it possible that I damaged my HDDs? (I think I know...
  21. vikaskumar2299

    Question Does it mean my external hard disk is internally damaged/corrupted?

    I bought a new Seagate Expansion 2 TB hard disk yesterday. I used it and copied 200 GB data on it. Which copied successfully. Then I copied some more data but during that I lifted my laptop to place it somewhere else but I forgot that my hard disk is attached to it with USB. So the hard drive...
  22. F

    Question Multiple drives not appearing at startup

    This is one of the weirdest problems I have ever encountered. About 3-4 weeks ago my WD Black 4TB drive just randomly stopped appearing in both file explorer and disk management. Ran health check and everything, came back fine, replaced both cables, same problem. I ordered another of the exact...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] Trouble booting with WD 2.5" External Harddrive

    Hi. I am having trouble with my WD external hard drive. Whenever I used to plug it in, it would boot up just fine, and I could access its contents on Windows. However, now the only response I see is that I plug it in and my computer slows down to a halt for about 2.5 hours and in that time any...
  24. H

    [SOLVED] ADATA HD680 temperature goes up to 55C when under heavy usage ?

    I have an ADATA 2TB External HDD from ADATA and I've been using it for a few months now. When I am checking HDD details from CrystalDiskInfo I have seen that when HDD is in heavy usage the temperature rises to 55C and in normal usage it's 44+ C like that. But my other HDDs from different brands...
  25. foxfries

    [SOLVED] New WD HDD can only run 1 process at a time without freezing up?

    hi! a couple weeks back i bought a new HDD since my old one started to make weird noises and i wanted to be safe. It's a WD Blue, 2 TB, this one (newegg link). it's intended purpose is to store steam (and other) games, but also some regular files. a problem i've noticed that i didn't have with...
  26. S

    Question Having problems with dual PC setup

    I had to recently reset my main PC because I was having dev errors and my games were crashing after a little bit of playtime with no frame drops prior ( I have a two PC setup) and after resetting my PC and only reinstalling the games I play, (driver's and windows are up to date) the problem...
  27. S

    Question Harddrive causing windows explorer to susspend and resrart in a loop when connected?

    I am having a serious issue with my hard drive it is connected using sata. whenever I connect this drive to my pc the taskbar disappears and then reappears in a 2 second loop until I disconnect it. its been fine for around 2 months went away to do something came back to find my taskbar and...
  28. C

    Question How can I move all my data to a new Hard drive?

    Hello. I currently have an 8 year old harddrive that is progressively getting slower and I want to transfer all my data including my operating system to a new harddrive so I can boot from a healthier drive, but I'm not sure how to do the transfer. I have my old harddrive installed as well as...
  29. Ttechnologick

    [SOLVED] I've slowly added a total of 6 Hard drives to my system. And the method i used has created a complete mess... I think

    I have 6 Hard drives installed. And yeah, i thought i was clever and just stuffed them in all willynilly. I have programs installed on each one. Windows will show some of the programs in start some in add/remove and some i just randomly find when im going through folders (I just found a...
  30. Zonama

    [SOLVED] Windows doesn't load up properly after building in a new SSD.

    Hello there, i bought a Samsung SSD and successfully installed it three Days ago. Everything went smooth, but my PC ran into a bluescreen like two or three times during this time. Today my PC froze up instead of bluescreenin' and i had to shut it off. Afterwards i was able to log into my...
  31. Janssenhidal

    [SOLVED] Windows on 256GB or 1TB

    Hello, I have a slight dilemma in regards to which approach I should take in this situation. My current setup is 256GB SSD which has windows installed on it and I have a normal 1TB HDD to store documents, games etc. Now I'm thinking to buy a new 1TB SSD which leads me to 3 options: Keep all 3...
  32. N

    [SOLVED] No Windows detected after Bios update

    I recently updated my Bios, it appeared to work properly. However something changed, the BIOS update applied, but Windows wouldn't boot afterwards. The Bios settings appeared to have changed and the NVMe drive (C: Windows) was non-detectable. Windows Boot Manager was lost as an option. I...
  33. ak195

    [SOLVED] Can Windows be involved in corrupting game files and zip files?

    So I came to some weird issues, got some answers but still needs some suggestions as I didn't reached the exact cause of issue: 1- Two zip files without any issues (like download interrupted etc..) got corrupted, didn't check the others. 2- My Project C# files suddenly becomes a kind of special...
  34. E

    [SOLVED] How to run/restore programs from secondary hard drive?

    Hey there, My computer recently got fixed since it's HDD had something corrupted in it, so they've given me a new SSD which windows boots from, and they left the 'secondary' hard drive in there so I can access my files still. I am still able to find my games on it, however when I launch them...
  35. petual1

    [SOLVED] External hard drive does not work on any motherboard USB, only on the front of the case.

    I was using the computer normally, when the sound of unplugging some USB came. It was the external hard drive that I always used plugged into the motherboard that suddenly stopped. I restarted the pc to see if it came back, and continued the same thing. I tested other USB on the motherboard, and...
  36. C

    [SOLVED] External Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 is not powering up

    I have an external Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 which I am using with a Windows 10 Laptop I am green with hardware The power-cord broke, and I may have overvolted it's enclosures with the wrong power adapter before I got the right one. I have removed the enclosure & attatched photos of...
  37. E

    [SOLVED] Failing HDD, Failing backups. Help

    Hello all, I currently have an old machine which controls a CNC machine, it runs Windows 7 Pro and is set up in such a way that it's not entirely possible to replicate it and setting something up new would cost a lot of money i would rather avoid spending. It is currently experiencing regular...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] No more storage space, upgrading case, no more space to add ssd/hdd

    Hi everyone, I have 4 hard drives and an SSD plugged into my SATA ports, and my current case could hold, 5 trays (HD store family videos, vlogs, photos and cant be deleted, SSD is my OS). There are two things with this question, first is I'm running out of storage with the hard drives, 2TB each...
  39. D

    [SOLVED] HDD 100% Active 0 Read speed

    Hi all, My HDD (Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB) that I bought in the past year is having the same issue as the one I replaced it with - it's running at 100% active time consistently with read speeds often at 0 MB/s. This is happening constantly at start up. I've run into this issue before and I...
  40. jayplzno

    [SOLVED] Old online schooling laptop can I take the 500GB HDD out and format it?

    Hey a few years ago i was in online schooling and they mailed me a laptop, i left the school and they didn't ask for it back, i found it in my garage, its been turned off for the past 3 ish years, i opened it up and took out nthe wifi chip, the 500gb hdd out and the single stick of laptop ram, i...