Question Having problems with dual PC setup


Jan 27, 2019
I had to recently reset my main PC because I was having dev errors and my games were crashing after a little bit of playtime with no frame drops prior ( I have a two PC setup) and after resetting my PC and only reinstalling the games I play, (driver's and windows are up to date) the problem persists with the crash errors varying everytime, (playing cod and warzone) I tried flipping the hard drives from both pcs since my second PC is only used for recording, but they didn't boot so I put them back where they belonged to begin with. Now my second PC (which had no issues prior to flipping hdds) has the dram light on and won't boot, although when I unplug the hdd it will go to bios and detect the ram and show it's in perfect working condition. I've tried resetting cmos, defaulting bios settings and alternating ram slots but nothing seems to work. Can I get opinions in these two predicaments and how to fix them? (Note I originally had two harddrive and an SSD in main PC, but took them out so it's only the SSD now)

Setup 1: rtx2060 super, Ryzen 9 3900x, 16gb 3600 G skill Trident ram, sabrant 4.0 nvme ssd, Msi x470 Mobo

Setup 2: gtx 960, Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb 3600 G skill Trident ram, b450mpm2 Max