Question Why doesn't motherboard cpu combo work with graphic card?

Mar 26, 2019
Have following hardware
B350M-GAMING-PRO motherboard
Ryzen 2600 cpu
XFR RX 480 graphics card
Corsair cx600 power supply
No beeps at startup but monitor says no HDMI signal. Same no signal if switch to DVI. Graphics card works fine with older MSI 970 gaming board and AM3+ CPU.

Tried changing PCI slot and used another older graphics card that also works with older computer. Still get no signal with new setup.
Any ideas?
Specs ay that it should run gen2 but I am unable to look at the bios to see what version it is at.
Where did you obtain the motherboard and when? Some vendors may still have 'new/old' stock but you'd think they'd have moved it all by now. Was there a sticker, at least, saying something like 'Ryzen 2000 Ready' on the box?

Also and just to be sure: check that you are connecting the monitor to the discrete video card's output ports, not output ports on the motherboard.

If in fact you have a board without a supported BIOS you can get a loaner CPU from AMD to update it:

good luck.

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