Question Why is it so hard to find what the wattage rating on a CPU heatsink

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Jul 21, 2017
This makes absolutely no sense. What does 'Harder to find on G' mean?
I was replying to lynx1021's statement saying the 'I remember when I could find a lot more answers on google 10 years ago , now when you search the just want to sell you something!'

Things are harder to find on Google- meaning some/certain things are harder (or impossible) to find on Google vs other browsers, which if you PM me I can give specific examples/search terms.


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This still doesn't have any bearing on posting a whistleblower site because many coolers don't advertise this value, nor do they each test and calculate in the same methods. It isn't necessarily Google doing anything to block or omit this content, so it doesn't seem as relevant other than you are trying to make a blanket statement that everything you do is being regulated and filtered.

Welcome to the high-profit-driven methods of the world wide web.
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Feb 17, 2016
I've been confused about TDP as well, while buying the parts to upgrade to an AM4. I see 65W TDP on a Ryzen 2700 and 105W on a 2700x... figuring I should see a similar number (or maximum TDP) on the mobo (which I can remember seeing when I first starting looking at upgrading a year ago.

For the first week or so, while looking for a motherboard, I was tracking my brain trying to find TDP numbers on different mobo's. After no success I ended up getting an MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro and a Ryzen 2700, figuring 65W was safe. But after posting and getting answers on here I'm sending it back and a 2700x is already on its way (before it's asked I didn't go 3700 because I'm not gaming but video editing and CAD).

So yes, it's confusing for newbies like me- some products with TDP and similar products without! Thankfully this forum filled with knowledgeable people is here or who knows what I would have ended up with! :p

(Side note) lynx1021- Your statement 'things are harder to find on Google' is not your imagination. If you haven't seen or heard about it, check out the document dump from a whistleblower.
Thank you for your link, very interesting, Yes I was looking for some info about northbridge heatsinks and even with quote marks google was sending me in all kinds of different directions. I was trying to find discussions about them. They used to have a drop down that would search google groups but not now. Maybe they don't exist anymore.
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