Question Why won't my GPU fans kick in?

Oct 5, 2019
GPU: Gigabyte 1660 ti Windforce OC
Motherboard: TUF B360M-E
CPU: i5-9400f
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2666mhz

I know that modern GPU fans don't kick in until they hit a certain temperature but my GPU hits 89c and the fans still don't turn on.

I've tried re-seating the GPU and checking if the fan headers that I can see are plugged in correctly, re-installing drivers, using MSI Afterburner and Gigabytes software to try and get the fans working using all the fan parts of either software and none of this has done anything to get my fans to start running under a heavy load.


Semi-passive mode usually kicks the fans Off below @ 60-65°C. If at 89° and still nothing, try turning the semi-passive mode off (some cards it's a physical switch, some it's in the included software). That sets the gpu to normal use, fans start @ 30% duty cycle and always spin. (I prefer normal, much lower average temps, much quieter and no sudden spin-ups).

If the fans still don't spin, I'd be taking clutchc advise, either look to fix yourself, or RMA.