Question WiFi and ethernet connection

Aug 17, 2019
In my office, there are two server computers (OLD and NEW) with Win7 OS's(32 and 64 bits). There are 12 terminals(NComputing consoles) connected through ethernet cables to a WiFi modem(provides internet connection) running under either of these servers.

1. How can I connect my laptop with Win10 OS to the NEW SERVER through WiFi? So that I could access the files in NEW SERVER. Does a second WiFi modem connecting to the NEW SERVER will establish this WiFi connection?

2. How can I connect my Canon WiFi printer to the WiFi network for print jobs from my laptop? Presently it is ethernet cable connected.
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Ah... if everybody is on the same subnet, it makes no difference whether device is wired or WIFI.

Running on 1 subnet is usually sufficient, the simplest, and if you are running on more than 1 subnet, then better explain yourself why this is necessary. A new subnet is created every time you insert a NAT device, and/or u have configured VLANs.