Question Will 3600Mhz RAM work on a Motherboard and CPU that support only 2400Mhz?

Sep 18, 2021
Dumb question, but I hope someone can help me with this.
I’m currently searching for a new ram kit, seeing as my two kingston khx2400c15d4/4g aren’t holding up for my gaming needs. I currently have my eyes set on the new Kingston Fury Beast, 16GB (2x8GB), 3600Mhz, DDR4, CL17, for both the price and performance. I'm not sure if I'll have any compatibility problems with my CPU and motherboard, as the supported memory type for both of them is DDR4-2133/2400Mhz. Should I look for 2400Mhz/2666Mhz ram sticks or is it safe to buy this one?
(I don't mind if it gets downclocked to 2400Mhz/2666Mhz, as I will upgrade my other parts in the future, just worried it won't work properly.)

CPU: Intel Core i7 7700
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B250M - Gaming 3 -CF
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
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if memory wont have 2400MHz XMP profile, then it will be running with JEDEC profile, which is slow
if youre able to manualy change ram timings (some cheap mainboards dont allow that), then you could tighten timings to get around missing XMP2400
Hi Vrak (y) and Welcome to the Forum :)

If you intend to upgrade in the future then get a kit at 3600Mhz. No harm to give them a try just make sure you can return to the place of purchase if they won't work.
You should be able to downclock them without issue.
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