Question Will Ryzen 7000 series CPUs affect previous gen CPU prices?

Mar 26, 2022
Are the latest AMD processors make retailers lower the last gen processor prices like the 5000 series or 12th gen processors?
MSRP of the outgoing generation of hardware almost never sees a price drop. If anything, stores just have a fire sale to get rid of whatever stock they have as was the case over the previous weekend in the US, mostly due to being a holiday. And to make room for the new CPUs.
MSRP aside, retailers will do whatever they have to in order to clear inventory. We're already seeing some prices fall at retail...I seem to remember reading the 5800X was being offered at it's lowest price ever. That may be a sale price, but then sales are a time honored way merchants have of moving 'old' stock quickly aren't they? And probably the best time of year to look for big sales is coming's the Cyber Monday/Black Friday sales period. Usually at the end of November.

Some are predicting even the 5800X3d will find a slightly lower price...with a drop in MSRP.
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