[SOLVED] Will use 2 6 pin to 1 8 pin adapter, grounding wires??

Jan 10, 2020
Hey guys!
My first question here. I bought a new graphic card, and come to find out it requires an 8 pin input from the power source, and my last graphics card was 6 pin.
So, I did a little research, and found out I can use an adapter with 2 x 6 pin heads (input), that comes to an 8 pin output head.
I just happen to have 2 x 6 pin heads coming out of my power supply, so I thought “problem solved!”, but then I started seeing things about needed more grounding wires??? I have no idea about grounding wires!
I was told changing out a graphics card was easy, but this is making me nervous. I don’t wanna electrocute myself, or fry my whole rig. Do I need to connect more grounding wires, or can I just attach my power outputs from my power source using the adapter?
Appreciate the help.